Reward Points FAQ

Earning Reward Points is one of the privileges a member will receive through our Heart Rock Media Membership Program.  Below is a description of how this Reward Points system works:

1. What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are shopping credits that every member of Heart Rock Media will earn each time they shop with us.  Points will be awarded according to the price of the products.

These accumulated points may be used to offset the member's future purchase or enable them to convert into Gift Vouchers for their friends or associates.

2. How do I become a member?

There are two ways to sign up as a member.  You will automatically become a member when you make your first purchase with us.  The other way is to proceed to our sign up page to create a new account.

Each person is entitled to ONE account only. Membership is FREE now.   However, Heart Rock Media reserves the right to charge a fee for new sign ups in future.

3. How do I earn Reward Points?

You will be awarded points accordingly each time you shop with us.

4. How are Reward Points awarded?

a. Using Credit Cards/ATM/Internet Bank Transfer

Pending Reward Points will be awarded each time you shop with us using the above payment mode.  These points will become earned points once full payment is received.  You can then use these earned points to offset your next purchase.

b. Gift Vouchers

No Reward Points will be awarded for purchases of Gift Vouchers or products that were offset via Gift Vouchers.

If part of the total purchase is offset via Gift Vouchers, ONLY the portion of the payment made using visa/checks/money order/internet bank transfer will be awarded the Reward Points.

c. Partners or Downloadable Music Site

No Reward Points will be awarded for products purchased from our Partners or Downloadable Music Site as they are separate entities from Heart Rock Media. Their services were added to offer our customers more options and choices.

4. What is the difference between Pending Points and Earned Points?

When you order a product via the shopping cart, you will be awarded Pending Points.  These are the potential points you can earn when ordering that particular product.

Earned Points are actual points that you may use to offset your purchase or enable you to convert into Gift Vouchers.

5. How soon will my Pending Points be converted to Earned Points?

The moment we receive full payment into our account, your Pending Points will be converted into Earned Points.  If payment is being made via visa card or internet bank transfer, it will still require at least  1 working day for the conversion to take place.

6. How do I use my Earned Points?

During one of the checking out stages, there is an option for you to offset your total purchase with the Earned Points you have earned.  Simply select the amount you wish to use and the system will automatically offset the final purchase price for your order.

7. Can my Earned Points be used to purchase a Gift Voucher?

Yes, you may use your Earned Points to purchase a Gift Voucher the same way with the other purchases.

8. Is there a time frame in which I must use my Earned Points?

All Earned Points are valid as long as your membership is active.  Please read “Conditions of use – Lapsed Accounts” for more information

9. Can my Earned Points be transferred to another person?

No, but you may use these points to purchase a Gift Voucher for your friends.

10. How are Reward Points calculated?

Each Reward Point is currently pegged at this value*:

100 Earned Points = S$1.00
1,000 Earned Points = S$10.00


If you have 120 Earned Reward Points in your account, the amount is worth S$1.20
If you have 5,344 Earned Reward Points in your account, the amount is worth S$53.44

*The value of each Reward Point is subjected to change without prior notice from the Management of Heart Rock Media

11. What to do if there is error in the calculation and awarding of Reward Points?

Please send us a support ticket via "Contact Us" and we will revert to you as soon as possible.

For Pastors, Missionaries and Leaders only:

1. How can I keep track of the points I earned via my referrals?

Your referral will be tracked via the referral code you hand to them when they first sign up with us. We have a system that will help us track the amount your referral shops.

2. How soon will the Reward Points awarded to my referrals be added into my account?

Similarly when we receive full payment from your referral, the Reward Points will be added into your account, usually on Fridays when we will update all the accounts. However, if Friday falls on a holiday, then the update will be done on the following Monday.

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